Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Wood Heater Has Been Installed

I admit it. I’m a procrastinator. Over the years I’ve tried and tried to kick the habit but I just can’t.

So, I FINALLY installed the wood heater … just in time for spring. Go figure, I guess I’ll warm the garage next year.

Check out the pics below to see the installation. It went well. I had to call in Tony to help out with the roof top stuff because I just can’t handle heights. We did have one cold day post install and I was able to raise the temp in the garage about 20 degrees so I guess it’s a success. I’ll report back next year when the ambient temp is around 35ish and we’ll see if it does the trick.

About the project: I got the wood heater from Bruce of Asheville (see previous post). I installed it on some brick adjacent to the auto lift. I figured that I would be working over there most of the time so that location made the mot sense. Plus, the distance to the ceiling was shorter there so I didn’t have to invest in as much stainless steel pipe. I ordered a industrial ceiling fan from Grainger to help keep the air in the garage moving – heat rises so the fan keeps it flowing. Stan, my father in law, did the wiring and installed the fan.

012 This fire is super hot. The stove has a really good draft and the blower works well.



This fan moves lots of air!

016 Justin is testing out new equipment.

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