Monday, February 1, 2010

New Wood Stove

Obviously, it gets pretty cold out in the garage during these winter months. To help take the chill off, I just bought a used wood stove from a really cool guy that lives out near Asheville. He was kind enough to deliver it to me during one of his trips to the area. Thanks Bruce!

I ordered all the pipe for the chimney and that should hopefully arrive this week. I also ordered an industrial ceiling fan from Grainger that will be used to circulate the warm air. Here are a couple pics of the stove.



PS, I wanted to take the time to plug a cool craigslist application called “Ad Notifier”. I used it to find the wood stove by entering key words into the software. After that it would pole craigslist every 5 minutes for new ads that matched the search criteria. Highly recommended!!

Ad Notifier Website

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