Monday, October 4, 2010

TV in The Garage and a Neglected Log Splitter

Not too much to report this week, but I am giving the garage a major upgrade: HD Satellite TV.  I bought a flexible tv mount from my brother and installed it in the corner of the garage near the lift.  I spend the vast majority of my time in that area and this time of the year I miss so much football from being in the garage on Sundays that it only made sense to put a TV there. 

I had an extra 40 inch TV that I either needed to sell or do something else with it so I decided the garage would would be a great location for it.


I hooked up the RV’s DirecTV receiver and dish to test it out and came to the conclusion that the TV just didn’t output enough volume to handle the space.  I’ll be installing speakers and a simple stereo sound system in the coming days to help amplify the sound.  My brother is an electronics dealer/installer and I’m getting the equipment from him.  Pivotal Audio Video ( – highly recommended!  : )

DirecTV is coming tomorrow to install the HD dish and DVR.  I actually had to break out the chain saw and cut down some trees to make room for the signal.


A couple of those trees were about 16 inches in diameter but they all fell in a nice non shop threatening manner so all is good.

Now I just need to get the log splitter back into operation!


This is my next project.  It needs new hydraulic hoses and a general reconditioning (oh and some weed removal).  I’ll post the progress here so stay tuned.


  1. I am surprised you could find your log splitter. If you waited much longer it would have been swallowed by the wilderness.

  2. You should have seen it before I took the weed eater to it this weekend. Actually, you wouldn't have been able to see it, nevermind. : )