Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interior Restore Part 2

Well today I finished all of the upholstery work. I still need to do the door panel leather but the seats are done. Tomorrow I’ll begin work on the radio install as well as the new dash cover.

Pics of the leather seats are below:

001 The center console was the worst of the bunch. We had to snap off retaining trim to get access to the old cloth which was tacked down by stables. After ripping that off we were able to put the new leather on. In this pic you can see the new leather as it was stapled down.

002 Broader view.

003 This is the piece after it was done. It’s basically the cap on the center console compartment.

004 This is the pneumatic stapler we used to tack the leather. $25 at Harbor Freight!

005 Another shot.

006 Tacking the retaining trim back down over the new covering.

007 After cutting the leather to fit around the hatch release button.

008 We’re putting the leather cover of the bottom half of the center console. There wasn’t much leather to work with here so it was pretty tight. My hands are still sore.

009 Stapled down.


And now the retaining trim has been snapped down.

011 Getting there.

012 Finished product all put back together. NOT BAD!

013 And finally the drivers chair. These are the internals of the chair to give you an idea of how all the electronic comfort options work.

014 This chair was very similar to the passenger side from the last update so it was pretty easy at this point. I can’t wait to see them in the truck.

Tomorrow I begin work on the new audio system. Stay tuned for an update.

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