Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Goodies!

I went shopping with the family today and stopped by Northern Tool for their Black Friday specials.  Below you can see what we picked up.


DSC00158 This engine stand was 10% off.  They had a 750-lb model for under $40 but it looked a little flimsy.  This one supports up to 1500lb and we paid right at $100 for it.  Hopefully I’ll have a 4.6L up there on it soon.




I’ve never seen these kinds of socket organizers before.  They were a little pricey at around $10 each but I love them so far.  It’s quite clear how many sockets I need to buy.  I have a bunch of old crusty sockets that I could put onto the racks but naah.


DSC00161 NT had this cart on sale for $50.  These things have so many uses.  This is my third for the shop.


DSC00162 Great deal here for $35.  These things are useful for keeping batteries in good working order if they are sitting for a long period of time.  We use it for our camper and tractor.  My truck gets some time with them as well.

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